By Marc Campos

Credentials Solution and New Disclaimer

Lone Star State Dem County and Senatorial District Convention leaders have less than two weeks to sort through the Dem Precinct Convention reports to figure out who gets properly credentialed and seated at the March 29 conventions. I don’t really blame the Hillary folks for asking for a delay to the March 29 conventions, but I don’t think that they ought to be granted one. It should be pretty simple. The County and District Dem Conventions leadership ought to invite both campaigns to participate, open up the process, and work together to get through this. Only those that try to hide the ball will suffer the consequences and be justly accused of delegate selection rip-offs. In fact, it would be nice if the Lone Star State Dem Party and the local Dem Parties send out an email blast letting folks know about the credentials process and what to expect at the County/Senatorial District conventions. Get off of your arses and get it done, please!

Speaking of, it looks like Commentary will be on the DL come March 29. I gave up my delegate slot then my Nominations Committee Chairmanship was stolen from me. I’m glad I didn’t sell my ‘Stros/Tigers tickets. I wonder if I should file a challenge with the Credentials Committee. Probably not – they would probably steal my challenge too – yikes!

“This candidate and campaign is not responsible for idiotic, dumba__, and insensitive remarks made during this campaign by family members, friends, and supporters.” Maybe this disclaimer would allow us to focus on issues, qualifications, and who best could be elected in November – period!

The March Madness NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is broken down into East, South, Midwest, and West Regional brackets. Then how come the NCAA Selection Committee has East Regional games being played in Colorado and Alabama, Midwest Regional Games being played in Florida and North Carolina, South Regional games being played in Colorado and California, and West Regional games being played in Florida and Washington D.C. – huh! Hey, it obviously works. Maybe DNC Chair Howard Dean ought to ask the NCAA Selection Committee to figure out how to select Florida and Michigan Dem National Convention delegates –it might work!

Speaking of, GOP consultants are pooh poohing the March 4 huge Dem voter turnout in the Lone Star State, particularly in the ‘burbs. They say it is no big deal. When the GOP used to have bigger turnouts than Dems, they crowed all the way to the voting booth. No se puede I guess.

Much to the chagrin of the Go Tejano Rodeo boycotters, 71,165 folks mostly of the Latino persuasion showed up yesterday at Reliant. The 71,165 was a new Go Tejano record crowd. What steeeenking boycott! Hey, I guess it was a good move on the part of the Go Tejano Committee to let Latinos know that they could vote for Hillary for a third time – yikes!

On a sad note, the Grandma of The Former Political Consultant That…. Errr Bethany Arnold, passed away this past Friday. Louise “Queen” Arnold used to make the neatest hats to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day – you get the picture. She was always nice to Commentary before Commentary. My condolences go to Fred, Mona, Jess, Bethany, Bill, and all of Queen’s friends.

Can Tiger Woods be stopped? I hope not! He was all drama yesterday as he dropped in a 20 something foot birdie putt yesterday on the last hole.

Can the Rockets be stopped? I also hope not!

I wonder if the ‘Stros will wear green gear today as they go to Dodgertown for the last time ever? After today, the Dodgers will no longer take the field in Vero Beach.

March 17, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary