By Marc Campos

The Dem Act

Former State Representative Glen Maxey from Austin wants to be Chair of the Texas Democratic Party and he has support from a lot of grassroots folks. Some guy named Boyd Richie, who I have never heard of - hey, maybe I spend too much time at the yard - also wants to be Chair and he has support of the so called Party Establishment, including the Dem nominee for Guv - Da Bell. Some other fella named Charles Urbina Jones is also in the race, I don't know who is supporting him. Accusations of insider games and gay baiting are coming into play in the race for Dem State Chair - yikes!

Commentary thinks the Guv Dem Nominee should have made the choice, but he should have picked someone that wasn't in the race, cause now he looks like he's taking sides. Da Bell should have said a few days after the election that my pick for Chair is so and so - hey, a Latino would have been a good choice - then end of story. Hey, but they don't ask me - guess some players don't like that I help folks like Laura Salinas - remember Laura - and Pro Choice Steve Brown. It is not too late for someone of GREAT PARTY STATURE to step forward and say - "ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS" - ask all three candidates to step aside, then let Da Bell pick a Latino - hey, who's gonna get mad at a Latino. In fact, I think a Young Gun(less) would be a super State Dem Chair, hey, he helped get a professional soccer franchise to Houston - does anybody else have those kind of bragging rights? Everybody likes Young Gun(less). Look, it doesn't even have to be a Commentary idea. I'll tell folks that I stole it from someone.

The State Dem Party leadership is being tested and guess what - they are failing big time. If we can't get our act together, how in the heck do we expect to get results in November. It is one thing to shoot ourselves in the foot, it is another thing to reload and keep shooting ourselves in the same foot. At this point, Guv Dude and Lady Foghorn won't have to go negative on us cause we're doing their job for them - hey, maybe we ought to send them an invoice.

It kind of bugs me that Guv Dude's and Foghorn's folks are having a few yuks at our expense. I think it might be time to go ask the folks that handled '82 and/or '90 to get back involved - TA DA! - errr, the last time we won the race for The Mansion.

March 17, 2006, 9:00AM

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