By Marc Campos

Dolcefino Breaks 12th Commandment, Baretta Walks, Gutless Mail,
and 'Roid Madness

By Marc Campos

According to today's Chron, Channel 13's Emmy Award winning star reporter, Wayne Dolcefino, is at home this morning, stewing over the fact that the station did not run his latest "undercover" story. Wayne's problem: he violated Houston's political 12th Commandment - "Thou shalt not f__k with the rodeo."

Reportedly, Dolcefino's piece was about extravagant spending on furniture and fixtures for the offices of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The hard charging Dolcefino apparently forgot that the rodeo is sacred in town. Commentary is having a hard time trying to remember the last time a local news outlet ran a negative story on the rodeo. The station decided not to take on this highly revered institution. The cocky Dolcefino probably thought that if any newsie could take on the rodeo - it would be him. Channel 13 said no and Wayne took his Emmys with him and went home.

The rodeo enjoys sainthood type stature in Houston. The only way they will receive local negative news coverage is if national security is involved. Wayne thought he was the man. Instead he was hogtied - arrrgh!

Hollywood actor Robert Blake - "Baretta" is a free man today. Yesterday, a jury acquitted him of murder charges. The rumor has it that O.J. was waiting outside the courtroom to give him a high five.

A couple of days ago, Commentary received a bizarre mailer from a Commentary reader. The mailer consisted of an editorial page type political cartoon and a photo of a commentary client with a hand inscribed caption. The mailer is bizarre because its intended message is difficult to decipher. Commentary does not have time for scavenger hunts and gutless mail.

On a day when U.S. sports fans should be focused on March Madness - the beginning of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, Congress instead is holding its hearings on steroid use in baseball. They could have waited till say next Monday, or better yet, if they really wanted to make a point, they could have held the hearings on the Opening Day of the major league baseball season. The NCAA basketball players and fans deserve better.

Regarding the local political 12th Commandment. What's the 11th? Well, stay tuned.

March 17, 2005, 9:00AM

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