By Marc Campos

More Madness, Moon Shot Glasses

Something’s kind of wrong with the Prez selection process when folks will probably know who the Prez nominees will be before next Valentine’s Day – heck, before President’s Day. The way it looks now, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Richardsons, the Edwardses, and so on will be spending Christmas Eve in New Hampshire. They will certainly get their White Christmas.

So then we get nominees in February – that sure is a long time before the conventions and the election. Heck, if they’re on the tube for this long, folks might get tired of them and then they’ll get cancelled like a bad TV show. Folks need to listen to Commentary and make a move toward four regional national primaries. New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina need to recognize that their days are numbered unless they want to move their primaries up to like Halloween. A bi-partisan panel made up of folks like members of Congress, Party officials, and Commentary need to sit down and work out the details. This is turning out to be a national crisis that requires a national solution.

Speaking of Prez campaigns, Commentary has really been trying to find out the Prez preferences of Texas Dem Party activists. I’m having very little luck. We’ve tried google, candidate websites, you name it. We’ve just been able to run across a few fundraising invitations and society page articles like yesterday’s Chron. We’re ready to roll out a page on Texas Dem Party activists choices – if you have anything, please forward. We plan on rolling it out next week.

Speaking of the Chron, I think they finally wrapped up their “everything thing you always wanted to know about SA’s legal community” piece today …..arrrrgh!

Meanwhile, W’s Attorney General reported to work today and according to the Chron, the Chinese are planning to go the moon and beyond. Great, now a lot of my stuff will say “made on the Moon.”

March 16, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary