By Marc Campos


When the HISD Superintendent signed his contract a while back folks knew then that there was a potential for a nice pay raise based on student performances – nobody squawked then. Heck, the Chron even had a mention on the contract. Now that he gets the nice pay raise, folks are squawking. Now that is kind of disingenuous.

Speaking of Latinos in important positions, I think Vegas will probably put up a countdown line on when H-Town will throw a welcome home party for the U.S. Attorney General.

The Chron sure let us know today who the local elite are supporting in the Prez sweepstakes – check out today’s social page. They even let us know what kind of chow was served – talk about the issues! I hope they let us know who the local partisan grass roots activists are supporting.

I hope nothing important happens in the world today because CNN is giving way to March Madness on the tube today – sorry.

Speaking of gladiators, 2051 years ago today, Brutus and Cassius made their move and a phrase was born – “watch your back.”

March 15, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary