By Marc Campos

Repubs, Schools, And Immunity For A Rat

By Marc Campos

According to last Saturday's San Antonio Express News: "Virtually every major education group in the state opposed House Bill 2. The Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools, which includes the Texas Association of School Boards and Texas Association of School Administrators, called the bill 'a hazardous road for our state's economic future' in a statement issued Friday."

Presumably, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) is part of the coalition that opposes HB 2. Democratic House members that represent HISD (except for Al Edwards) listened to HISD and voted against the bill last week. GOP House members that represent HISD turned their backs on HISD and voted for the bill.

The GOPers opted to go with Party over school children. This is taking partisanship to a scary level. It looks like GOP political consultants and operatives have more influence over public education policy than experienced educators and volunteer school board members. Now that's accountability.

Speaking of accountability, Congress is about to hold a public hearing on steroid use in major league baseball this Thursday. They have subpoenaed a few well known current and former ballplayers.

'Roid rat, Jose Canseco, wants immunity before he testifies. Commentary is puzzled a bit. Rat-seco puts out a book earlier this year detailing his use of 'roids, he goes on all the talk shows and describes how he needled himself and now he wants immunity. Somebody has to 'splain this to us.

March 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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