By Marc Campos

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Commentary knows a little about elections and how they are conducted. There is no way fair elections can be conducted in Florida and Michigan before the first week in June. It is impossible. Look what happened here in Texas when we had eight months to get ready – we barely got by. They just don’t have enough time to put together a system, process, and structure to accommodate an expected record Dem Primary turnout by June 7. Florida and Michigan Dems are no different than the rest of America’s Dems. They will enthusiastically turn out to help make the difference in the most exciting political contest in our lifetime. So what do we do?

First of all we need to get over the fact that Florida and Michigan are guilty of false starts. They did and so what? What good does it do to punish them? It doesn’t help us in November. Come on – we give a free pass to New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada – we can accommodate Florida and Michigan. (OK, maybe we can take away their National Dem Convention hotel location in Denver this year and give it to the Lone Star State Dems.) We can’t go to the national convention without them having a say.

The DNC needs to call a special meeting and vote to extend the primary season – period. The DNC Chair should appoint an Elections Ambassador that will meet with all the parties involved and hammer out a deal that will allow for maximum Dem voter participation in Florida/Michigan, even if the elections are held in late July. Well who should that person be since most leading Dems are already committed? How about someone like Bill Richardson – I don’t think he has picked a side.

Look, no one can argue that Dems find themselves in a quandary. It’s one of those times in history where we have two great candidates and the delegate math hasn’t allowed any one of them to stake out a victory. Remember when we used to bemoan the fact that the primary system and schedule used to make us all feel kind of useless and that National Dem Conventions were boring affairs that had convention delegates relegated to red, white and blue scenery and backdrop status. Well, things are a bit different this year. The political gods have decreed that this year they want ALL Democrats to have a say. If that is the case, let’s accept the fact that we have to stretch the calendar. What else are we going to do?

On the local front, former H-Town City Council Member Carroll Robinson is calling out Sheila Jackson Lee. It looks to me like Carroll is fixing to run against Sheila in 2010 because she supports Hillary.

On “The Today show” this morning Chris Matthews from “Hardball” said that Speaker Pelosi isn’t on the fence – she’s for Obama – interesting.

I got my ‘Stros tickets yesterday and this year they feature Roy O, Numero 45, Big Puma, Bourn to Run, Hunter Pence, and Cecil. Since Florida doesn’t count yet, I wonder if our games with the Fish count from April 11 – 13.

March 14, 2008 9:00AM

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