By Marc Campos

Yesterday’s Box Scores, Bad Idea, Obama Factor, Springtime

Astros 11, Braves 3. Texas Legislature 1, Science 0.

You don’t see The Trumpster on “The View.” You don’t see Michael Moore and W bike riding together. You don’t see The Hatfields sending The McCoys candy on Valentine’s Day. You don’t see The Mini-Men riding in the Cinco de Mayo Parade. So who’s bright idea was it for have our Dem Prez nominees nearly have Fox News sponsor a debate?

Commentary mentioned the day before yesterday about a local countywide match-up in next year’s Dem Primary in Harris County involving an African American and a Latino candidate. Here’s something to think about. If Obama’s on the primary ballot, you have to figure that the African American voter is going to be very excited and turn out to vote, thus greatly benefiting the local African American candidate. Meanwhile, who’s going to excite the local Latino voter – Bill Richardson?

The Houston City Council is on Spring Break this week – Spring Break! I wonder if the Mayor and all the council members went to South Padre or maybe Cancun. When they return, I wonder if they’ll start getting ready for finals.

Meanwhile, all of Houston is better off now that the Chron has let us know what’s going on in SA’s legal community – whew!

Scrap Iron wants ‘Stros fans to settle down when it comes to Spring Sensation Hunter Pence. Pence who is batting 3 thousand this Spring is getting the fans all stirred up. The fans want him in the starting line-up in right field on April 2. Scrap Iron says it’s not going to happen. The thing about baseball in the bigs – Pence will get his chance when others do a tank job or get hurt.

Meanwhile, over at March Madness, maybe they ought to have an all-tattoo team. In fact, maybe they ought to have a program for folks that don’t know anything about tattoos – like Commentary – kind of like a key so we can decipher what the round ballers are etching into their bods. Heck, it kind of reminds me of “Street NASCAR” – maybe they ought to just charge like the NASCAR sponsors.

March 14, 2007, 9:00AM

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