By Marc Campos

ChiTown Rocks, Syriana Says, Contenda, WBC, A Spike Lee Joint

"Ustedes no son criminales. Ustedes son trabajadores," proclaimed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) at an immigrant rally in Chicago this past weekend. The media says 100,000 folks showed up - mostly Latino - mostly immigrants. Glad to see a Dem stand up for immigrants. Not enough Dem leaders - locally, statewide, nationwide - are standing up for future Dem voters. Maybe they listen to Radio KSEV. Maybe they hang around Senate District 7. Maybe they don't get it.

George Clooney zapped a lot of Dems the other day for not coming out against W's war in Iraq. Clooney says that them Dems were scared of being labeled unpatriotic. George is probably right. Think of it, W's approval rating is continuing to spiral downward, but Dems have not been able to take advantage. Of course, you don't have to tell that to U.S. Senator Russell Feingold.

From the I Coulda Been A Contenda Dept: Our Justice Department says that the mob has infiltrated some ports along the East Coast. Wow, those G-Men have their act together - they must have rented "On The Waterfront."

Son, Jun, Kim, Koo, Chong, and Oh. These are the South Korean pitchers that punked the USA yesterday in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). South Korea 7, USA 3. A-Rod went oh for five, Junior went yard. My money is with one of the teams from Grupo Dos - Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic or Venezuela. Twenty days and counting until Opening Day/Night.

Spike Lee has a new flick coming out starring Denzel, Jodie and Clive - two time Academy Award winners and a nominee. I'm betting it will be entertaining.

March 14, 2006, 9:00AM

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