By Marc Campos

Mildly Pro-Choice

By Marc Campos

That's how Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice describes her position on abortion. In an interview given to the Washington Times over this past weekend, Rice said "I said that I was, in effect, kind of Libertarian on this issue, and meaning that that I have been concerned about a government role in this issue. I'm a strong proponent of parental choice, of parental notification. I'm a strong proponent of a ban on late-term abortion...I've called myself at times mildly pro-choice."

Rice goes on to say "we should not have the federal government in a position where it is forcing its views on one side or the other."

It is hard to imagine that in 2008 the GOP would nominate a presidential candidate with a "mildly pro-choice" position.

Tell the truth, then get taxed. The Texas Legislature is considering imposing a sales tax on newspapers. Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick is upset about news coverage he has received in the major Texas dailies so he has ordered that lawmakers lift the exemption on the sales tax that newspapers have. Mr. Speaker, if you're mad about the news coverage you are getting, then maybe you ought to impose a tax on Tom DeLay.

Is State Representative Al Edwards on the 2006 political hit list? Edwards voted "present, not voting" on the school finance bill and as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Edwards voted "present" on HB 3, the major tax bill. He certainly did not tow the Democratic Party line on both votes.

Nowadays, the State Democratic Party has adopted a "take no prisoners" attitude on electeds that stray. Edwards' actions or rather inactions are considered straying. What makes it more perplexing is the fact that Edwards is also a member of the Democratic National Committee. We're sure that Democratic Party loyalists are already recruiting and interviewing potential candidates to run against Edwards. Watch out Al.

March 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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