By Marc Campos

CNN’s A__hole Fissure

CNN’s prime a__hole, Lou Dobblehead, lashed out at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce the other day. This is what he had to say about The President speaking to the Chamber this past Tuesday: "I don't know what's happened to this White House, but the wheels appear to have come completely off here over the last several days. Making a decision to talk about a national initiative on education in front of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which is effectively an organization that is interested in the export of American capital and production to Mexico and Mexico's export of drugs and illegal aliens to the United States. This is crazy stuff."

Oh yeah! Since The President addressed the Chamber, we’ve had three straight days of growth in the stock market.

Commentary wants CNN to keep this a__hole on the air because as long as he continues to spew hate and make idiotic statements, it makes those forwarding reasonable positions on immigration reform look like geniuses.

The Working Man Hero sent out the following from today’s Chron: “The Houston school board decided Thursday to abandon a controversial proposal that could have given one union exclusive negotiating rights with high-level administrators.

“The Houston Federation of Teachers and its affiliated group for blue-collar workers, the Houston Education Support Personnel union, had pushed the proposal, which would have allowed employees to vote whether they wanted multiple groups or one group at the negotiating table.

“Board President Larry Marshall withdrew the item. Marshall said he wanted the board to focus on searching for a new superintendent.”

My buddy and fellow Precinct 57 Dem Orel from SEIU Local 100 scored a victory on this one. The local teachers union wasn’t too happy. He is what was also in the Chron: “HFT President Gayle Fallon has vowed to bring it up with a new school board that she hopes to help elect in November.”

I guess that means Gayle and HFT are targeting the HISD Trustee from District 1 – my district. Stay tuned!

POINT OF CLARFICATION: Commentary never asks CEWDEM to put out Commentary. CEWDEM goes on my website, fetches Commentary, and puts it out. When CEWDEM has been under the weather, off vacationing in Europe, or busy helping other Dems, Commentary doesn’t call CEWDEM and ask how come my stuff ain’t been put out. Commentary is honored though that CEWDEM puts my takes out. I will disclose though that Commentary was a sponsor of CEWDEM’s BD Bash just like a whole bunch of other Dems. However, I don’t think for a moment that CEWDEM is for sale. I just thought you might want to know.

The ‘Stros avoided another Spring Training loss yesterday because they had a day off and I need to check out if my regular Opening Day cohort will still be able to make it on Monday, April 6 versus the Cubbies.

March 13, 2009 9:00AM

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