By Marc Campos

Go Tejano, Political Casualties, Avoiding Rip-Offs, and Two Timers

This Boycott Rodeo stuff is supposed to get more interesting today – I think.

Commentary isn’t into the rodeo. That’s not my onda. That’s not where I spend my loose change. I’d rather spend it at The Yard. I don’t get into trail rides, parades, fellas riding bulls and broncs, kids chasing little cows, and walking around looking at youngsters proudly beaming over their shiny blow dried fat cows and pigs that someone’s gonna bid on and serve up for dinner. I’ve never been to their world’s largest barbecue cook-off.

In the past 15 or so years, I’ve gone to see Garth, Selena, Enrique and some other act I had never heard of. When I have gone, it’s been at the invitation to sit in one of those fancy dancy suites with free grub.

In H-Town, the Rodeo is an institution – revered and worshipped by many. They are permanently located over there at the Reliant/Astrodome complex where they pay rent. For a month out of the year they kind of take center stage here as folks get all duded up in their cowboy/cowgirl gear. I would guess they are an economic generator of sorts. I guess somebody is going to make money if you bring a few thousand horses into H-Town for a month every year.

This Sunday is their Go Tejano Day and the place will be packed with Latinos cheering for bands that Commentary has never heard of. That’s not a reflection that I am out of touch with my culture, heck, I didn’t even know most of the folks that won Grammys last month in the major categories. Go Tejano Day will go on against a backdrop of some but not all Latino leaders questioning the minority sensitivity of The Rodeo. It is certain to spark debate in the coming weeks. We will stay tuned on this one!

Geraldine Ferraro is the latest to go down swinging in this year’s Dem Prez sweepstakes. If this contest goes into the summer, Commentary thinks we’re going to need a lot more political body bags.

In a neighboring Dem Senate District, some folks are starting to get disgruntled because they think the entrenched leaders aren’t being inclusive. That is what was reported to Commentary last night. Meetings are being held without the knowledge of some of the key Dem leaders and Prez campaign folks. Committee and procedural decisions are being made without consulting with others. What are they thinking? When are local Dem folks going to figure out that it ain’t business as usual? Here in Harris County we could have thousands of first time precinct convention goers attend the March 29 Senatorial District Conventions. If they feel like their time was wasted and that they were dissed and didn’t have a say it could have dire consequences for November. Stealing Commentary’s Nominations Chair and holding meetings that folks don’t know about aren’t good for the process. It only perpetuates the same old same old…tsk, tsk, tsk!

Apparently quite a few folks voted twice last week like we were told to do. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. They certainly can’t be arrested because they were only following orders.

Somebody tried to quiz Commentary by asking how many famous Pennsylvanians I could name – uh, Tara Lapinski, Ben Franklin, William Penn, Roberto Clemente, Terry Bradshaw, Bill Mazeroski, Bill Cosby, Daniel Boone and Arnold Palmer – take that!

For us old timers – remember on the “White Album” – “number 9, number 9” and then in reverse – “turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man.”

227 years ago today, Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus. I wonder what took him so long.

Speaking of, I don’t think it helps Kaz Matsui recover by just sitting around. Somebody pointed out on the radio the other day that he’s also batting in the two hole – ouch!!

March 13, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary