By Marc Campos

Watch Out, I is OK, Courage, Sir Paul

This Texas Youth Commission story is one of those bad and horrible reads. It’s kind of like Texas’ National Embarrassment. I read the articles and get kind of nauseated. How did it happen? Last week, a Democratic consultant put out an email and laid all the blame on the Texas GOP. Hey, they run state government, blame them. I don’t know about that. It seems like any state government elected official that has been up in Austin prior to this legislative session would be vulnerable to campaign attacks – kind of like, hey, you were there, how come you didn’t do anything about it? I get a feeling that the TYC issue will be front and center during next year’s elections.

Over in right field, errrr GOP land, it’s OK to have one failed marriage but not two. Some GOP far right wingers who are worried that Rudy Gee might snatch up their Party’s nomination for Prez are now changing their morality guidelines. Having one failed marriage like Ronald Reagan and Nute is OK, two failed marriages is a no-no. Meanwhile, GOP Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel had his press conference yesterday to say he’s doesn’t know if he’ll be a presidential contender. Thud!

Props go to the Houston Mayor for wining the Profiles in Courage Award. The mayor got props for his handling of the Katrina folks. The award is going to look good on his resume when he decides to seek higher office. Hey, the Mayor deserves it.

Remember when Yoko One hooked up with John, everybody was down on Yoko. Now everybody seems to be down with Heather cause folks think she’s tying to make Sir Paul look like the fool on the hill. Nobody knows anything about why Heather and Sir Paul split up but everyone is rooting for Sir Paul. Beatlemania still rules!

The ‘Stros make their Spring Training TV debut tonight – I’m watching.

March 13, 2007, 9:00AM

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