By Marc Campos

Kinky's Krime, Dems Eerily Quiet, Hillary's Choice, Sunday TV, In Cold Blood

Kinky was filmed this past weekend riding in a parade and drinking a beer - violating the state's open container law - where's a cop when you need one? Bethca if Guv Dude or Da Bell were drinking a beer in a car in a parade, the editorial boards in Texas would be going crazy. Looks like Kinky is getting a free ride on this one, tsk, tsk, tsk. My Buddy says this is the first time that Texans get to vote for a gubernatorial candidate that wears a costume.

It's been five days since the Texas Dem Party Primary, and with the exception of a few email missiles here locally, things have been pretty quiet. What's going on here? I get a feeling the quiet will soon disappear.

The GOP Prez wannabees had a straw poll in Memphis this past weekend. When do the Dem wannabees have their first straw poll? Is it too early for Dems to be talking about 2008? Wonder who Hillary will pick to run her Texas operation in '08 - how about a woman? When was the last time a Dem Prez candidate had a woman run their Texas operation?

"The West Wing" didn't disappoint last night. The "no exit strategy" storyline was great and timely. Those writers sure can tell a political story.

That's why they call "The Sopranos" one of the best TV shows of all time. It literally knocks you out of your chair. The ending of the season's first episode blew my socks off. Uncle Junior will certainly be sent to an assisted living center.

Checked out "Capote" this weekend. No argument, sorry Heath and Joaquin, Philip Seymour Hoffman definitely deserved the Best Actor Award. It was also a very good movie, go see it. By the way, Best Pic winner "Crash" is back in theaters, go downtown and see what it's all about.

March 13, 2006, 9:00AM

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