By Marc Campos

Silly Petty Bill

The proponents of bi-annual Lone Star State legislative sessions usually donít have to go far for ammo. Check out what an astute legislative observer sent Commentary yesterday:

ďWanted you to know, because someone may ask, Mario (Gallegos) filed legislation (SB 1895) today that would require any member of HISD or HCC board to resign if they were to become a candidate for a municipal, state or federal office.

He did it last session, and itís clearly a personal attack bill, but of course itís not going anywhere. Just a heads up should someone get a hold of it.Ē

This bill is clearly aimed at HCC Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores who is running in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election that is scheduled for May 9. I donít know why anyone up in the legislature would want to weigh in on a local council race. This isnít exactly a major public policy crisis that needs addressing. If Gallegos was to ever have a hearing on the bill, I sure would love to see the witness list and their talking points. There are quite a few of Gallegosí constituents that are supporting Yolanda. I wonder what they think. All this bill does is energize Yolandaís family, friends, and supporters. It sounds like Gallegos has a case of the insecurities if you ask me. Commentary would have a little respect for this if Gallegos had included H-Town city officials. Of course, that would have meant calling out the Mayor. This is clearly one of the silliest bills of this session.

The President signed that very ugly appropriations bill in private yesterday. I wonder if he threw the signing pens in the garbage can.

Commentary ran into the original Latino Rodeo protester yesterday. There was an HCC/HISD ground breaking yesterday in the East End and W.R. Morris was there. W.R. launched Rodeo protests over a decade ago. Heís not on the roster of the current Latino Rodeo protesters.

Donít include Numero 45 on the roster of the Latino Rodeo protesters. He entered one of his heifers into the Rodeo competition and placed third. Meanwhile, Tejada is back in camp as his Dominican Republic team was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic.

March 12, 2009 9:00AM

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