By Marc Campos

On to Pennsylvania!

My old friend Hector who knows a lot about the local Latino vote analyzed the turnout for the March 4 Dem Primary in Harris County and says that 1 out of every 4 Dem Primary voters was a Latino. So it looks like the H-Town area Latino vote was a major contributor to Hillary’s Texas victory. Si se puede!

Meanwhile, Obama scored another big one last night in Mississippi. I don’t think there are very many Latino voters in Mississippi. No se puede!

Also meanwhile, CNN last night said that Obama won the Texas precinct conventions/caucuses but in today’s Chron there is a story that says the Harris County Dem Party hasn’t even started counting the precinct convention/caucus votes – huh? Check it out at www.chron.com.

Speaking of, the former SD 15 Chair says he told SD 15 Dem leadership folks a couple of weeks ago about Commentary being named Chair of the Nominations Committee for the SD 15 Convention. The Nominations Chairmanship was stolen from Commentary a couple of days ago. Commentary really doesn’t care about them being honest with me, it ain’t the first time a fellow Dem has told me a fib. I just hope they are honest with the all the Dem delegates that will be showing up on March 29 – tsk, tsk, tsk!

The Obama supporters say that as folks get to know more about him, he wins their support. Well now he has six weeks of nothing but Pennsylvania vote shopping. So according to their thinking, Obama should win Pennsylvania. We will see.

It looks like America and the whole world is going to learn a whole lot about Pennsylvania like it is known as the Quaker State and the Keystone State because it is smack dab in the middle of the original 13 colonies and because it is important politically – you bet! I’m sure we will also see campaign events at sacred places like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, and PNC Park. Stay tuned!

So we now know the ID of Client #9. So who else is in the Top 10?

Another precinct convention adventure: Marc, Thanks for the piece on the Texas Democratic Precinct Caucuses. As always, the commentary was very informative. I carried a small video camera into my neighborhood caucus (pct. 73-324 NW Houston) and uploaded the results onto You Tube.Here is a link: www.youtube.com. Like many caucuses, it was a little messy but came out just fine. I hope you find it enjoyable. (Keith Koski, Oak Forest Area Democrats, www.oakfad.org).

Location: Precinct 27 (Eastwood Academy site) Number in Attendance: Approx. 230

1) Much confusion about exactly what the caucus was meant to accomplish by majority of participants; only a select few had rules given to them by their respective Campaign camps. You can imagine but the rules were a bit different by each camp.

2) While people were told to show up to vote again, they thought it was to vote again for their candidate and then leave. Did not know that they would be selecting caucus reps for the County caucus and then on to the State.

3) The Roberts Rules of Order were used haphazardly.

4) The room was too small for the number of people that showed up and parking was an issue.

5) There was no thought given as to how people would be signed in so at the last minute tables, chairs, pens, pads, lists were all trying to be collected and set up. Individuals that had early voted had no proof of when & where they voted and therefore were being told they were put forth as provisional votes. The individuals that had voted that day at least had a receipt of proof of their voting number that they used (I guess there was no consistency when it came to what should be presented to show that people voted in the Primary).

6) The meeting was temporarily run by the Vice Precinct Chair to get the meeting started. There was a full fledge vote (a raising of hands)as to who would chair the meeting (so personalities, past agendas, present agendas, questioning was seen by some as antagonistic and some felt that some were not welcoming of the new comers to the Caucus). Some left with the feeling that it was politics as usual and not sure whether to trust the system.

7) The votes for their Candidate were listed on the sign in sheets and then counted by the opposing candidates' supporters. The percentage of votes to be given to the different candidates took a while to figure out (it seemed that there was a fuss as to whether to allow Provisional voters to be included in the number or not). Remember that these individuals had voted in the early vote and didn't have proof of when & where they voted.

8) After the percentage was tallied, the groups divided up into the different candidate camps and they proceeded to select their representatives. Obama camp had received 10 delegates plus alternates what the Hillary Camp received 18 delegates plus alternates.

Did not finish the meeting until 10:30 p.m. Well it might be all too late but for what its worth these were my insights. My best. (Gracie S.)

Now what are we going to do between now and Pennsylvania – April 22? By the time Pennsylvania rolls around, the ‘Stros will have played 20 regular season games – the Padres, Rockies, Phillies, Marlins, Cubbies, and Cards – whew!

March 12, 2008 9:00AM

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