By Marc Campos

Dead Man Voting

According to todayís Chron, Harris County officials claim a few dead people have voted in the past few years. I wonder how they pull that off. You have to really want to vote to pull something like that. Hey, maybe they arenít dead. Hey, maybe they just came back to vote. Why donít we just compromise on the Voter ID deal? Instead of making everyone go get a photo ID, letís just take everybodyís picture when they go vote just like they do at the ATM machines. If there is a problem after the election, you can just go check out the photo file. It is a win-win deal. GOPers get a photo and Dems donít have to produce a photo ID - just an idea. Commentary is just going to go on ahead and get Danteís, Lukeís, and J. Dominicís photo IDs ready just in case.

Also according to todayís Chron, HISD has spent about $100,000 on Rodeo events since 2003. Meanwhile the Rodeo awarded $1.4 mil in scholarships to HISD students last year and $1.3 mil in 2007. It sounds like a good deal to Commentary. On their way to crack on the Rodeo, the Latino Rodeo protesters did a drive by on the Latino School Superintendent. Thatís pretty good.

The Latino Rodeo protesters will be protesting Fridayís Clint Black concert. Commentary was wondering why they didnít just protest on Go Tejano Day this Sunday. It would seem like it would have more of an impact. It turns out half of the Latino protesters already had tickets to the concert Sunday.

The ĎStros announced that Kaz Matsui will be the lead-off man fissure, err for sure on Opening Day Ė 26 days from today but whoís counting.

March 11, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary