By Marc Campos

Rather's Fans, Castro's Fans, And No Exceptions

By Marc Campos

Dan Rather's last day on the job as anchor of "The CBS Evening News" was a ratings winner. The telecast, which usually runs third behind NBC and ABC, was number one for its time slot this past Wednesday. Apparently, right wingers tuned in to make sure their "Media Public Enemy # 1" said his final farewell as anchor.

San Antonio City Council member and frontrunner mayoral candidate Julian Castro has signed up noted media gurus Leonel Sosa and Frank Guerra. Earlier this week, some Texas Democratic operatives sent out emails urging Democratic activists to send $$$ to Castro. They described him as "a Democratic rising star". Castro has a commanding lead in pre-election voter surveys

Sosa and Guerra are among the best ad men around. They are also the best GOP ad men in the country. Sosa started out back in the 70s with the late U.S. Senator John Tower. Sosa and Guerra are responsible for creating the paid media campaigns for W in the Latino community.

We'll see if Democratic activists crack "rising star" Castro over his media consultant picks.

In recent days, Commentary has been critical of local city council campaigns for not including Latinos on their teams.Well, Commentary has been called on the carpet on this issue by a young respected pro. He points out that "The West Wing's" fictional presidential candidate, U.S. Congressman Matt Santos, does not have Latino operatives on his team. Even his wife, played by Teri Polo, is White. Commentary, who is rooting for Santos, acknowledges this, and therefore must crack on Santos for not having Latinos on his team.

However, it should be noted that there have been many instances in the real world where Latino candidates running for office pick a non-Latino to serve as their lead consultant. Henry Cisneros, when he was running for San Antonio Mayor in 1981, and jailbird Dan Morales, when he was running for Texas Attorney General in 1990, both had a White lead political consultants.

It happens but it is not the way to develop Latino political talent.

March 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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