By Marc Campos

Be Prepared and a Closer Look

Congrats go to Obama for a Wyoming victory this past weekend.

I wonder what the Vegas line is for Florida and Michigan getting to play for real in the 2008 Dem sweepstakes.

The Lone Star State Dem Senatorial/County Conventions are less than three weeks away and let’s hope Dem leaders are getting prepared. It would probably be a good idea for the Hillary/Obama campaigns to hold individual Caucus meetings pretty soon to go over the rules and let folks know what to expect. There should be no excuses this time around for system failures. All parties/campaigns should be versed in and agree to in advance to sign-in, credential challenges, and the nominations committee processes. It better not be business as usual.

Meanwhile, in a review of our local precinct returns from last Tuesday, in State House District 140 (now Armando Walle) Hillary 68% - Obama 31%, District 143 (Ana Hernandez an Obama supporter) Hillary 78% - Obama 21%, District 145 (now Hillary honcho Carol Alvarado) Hillary 76% - Obama 23%.

Precinct 109 in Rep Sly’s district went 799 Obama, 186 Hillary. Pct. 156 in the MacGregor Park area went Obama1212, Hillary 217. Pct. 158 in Sunnyside went Obama 833, Hillary 142. Pleasantville went Obama 1119, Hillary 186. Pct. 65 in Magnolia went Hillary 524, Obama 79. Pct. 46 in the North Side went Hillary 443, Obama 132. Pct. 10 in the Second Ward went Hillary 405, Obama 66.

Meanwhile Commentary’s Heights precinct went Obama 524, Hillary 481. My Brown Eyed Girl’s precinct in the West Gray area went Obama 480, Hillary 464. The Dean’s neighborhood went Obama 408, Hillary 371. Carol Alvarado’s precinct went Hillary 579, Obama 217. Mason Park where President Clinton visited went Hillary 556, Obama 101. A precinct in South Houston went Hillary 486, Obama 107. The heart of River Oaks went Obama 250, Hillary 191 – uh votes, not dollars. In My Dad’s ‘hood in Baytown went Hillary 243, Obama 186.

More from the front, errr Precinct Conventions:

Marc, there were about 150 people, 90% for Barack. It lasted about 2 hours. It went smoothly enough considering that was 100x the number of people that usually come. (Barron Wallace)

Pauline and I are blessed to be in Precinct 222, which has a strong Precinct Democratic Club with a history of working for the party and respecting differences. It's an upper income, colleged educated crowd, so not suprisingly went 25 - 13 for Obama. The Democratic Club helped set the tone by providing sandwiches, chili, and soft drinks for all while we waited to be able to convene the meeting and start the sign-in. The club and precinct leaders met in advance to discuss and agree on the most efficient ways to organize the sign-ins, which we did by having many sheets on clipboards with teams of folks checking credentials and monitoring the sign-in process, so it went relatively quickly, given the numbers. So many people showed up that our host site, Christ the King Lutheran Church, permitted us to move to the sanctuary, the only space large enough to hold everybody. Perhaps that helped set the tone, because civility reigned. The temporary chir (Leslie Taylor) and the permanent chair (Tom Plant), both Obama supporters, were scrupulously fair, no doubt in part because they are also leaders in the Democratic Club and wanted to preserve ultimate unity behind the ticket. The precinct chair/election judge (Doug White) is a Hillary supporter who couldn't attend the convention because he was tending to election matters, but our caucus elected him as a Hillary delegate to the March 29 convention so he can participate at the next level. In summary, although there was some inevitable chaos because of the numbers who showed up, people were patient and felt the process was fair. If there is not an active Democratic Club in your precinct, I strongly suggest that you help organize and support one so that there is a core group of folks who can work together in future elections. By laying the ground work now, you can help make the party stronger in the long run. (Nell Richardson)

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl took a break to check out “Vantage Point” this weekend. A great escape film – check it out.

Meanwhile, some disturbing news – “Experts say the vintage Astros cap with an H superimposed on the star is popular with some gangs.” Now that is a bummer!

I think Hillary/Obama ought to snatch ‘Stros GM Ed Wade’s crystal ball. Former ‘Stro Troy Patton won’t be pitching this year due to an arm injury. Wade traded Patton to the Orioles for Tejada – yikes!

March 10, 2008 9:00AM

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