By Marc Campos

The Whitmire Critics

By Marc Campos

When Houston State Senator John Whitmire weighed in on the Safe Clear freeway towing debate, his nameless and anonymous critics referred to him as Mayor Wannabee Whitmire, Ayatollah John, and Johnny the Playground Bully. You know when you are in the feared category when your detractors won't come out of their rat holes when they take shots at you. In the end though, it looks like everybody was happy with the Safe Clear compromise, except for maybe a few wrecker companies.

In today's Chron, there is an article about the anti-red light camera bill stalling in the Texas State Senate after breezing through the Texas House. You have to figure the Dean of the Senate, Whitmire, somehow has a hand in the slowdown. What say you now gutless critics?

On to local entertainment. Commentary recommends you go take in The Ensemble Theatre production of "The Story" by Tracey Scott Wilson. Commentary saw a preview screening last night. Very interesting. It is about journalism, race and a crime. The production starts tonight and runs through April 10. Check it out.

March 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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