By Marc Campos

City Hall Dog House

H-Town City Hall is going to the dog tomorrow afternoon. Balls of Holly will be hosting a reception for Stump Dog not to be confused with “Slum Dog” the movie not to be confused with “Sly Dog” which is a pretty nice Cab you can pick up at Spec’s for around $14. Stump Dog recently won the Best Dog Award at that Westminster Show up in New York City. I wonder if Stump will be handing out photos with a paw print. I wonder who gets to cater the reception – Purina, Alpo, or IAMS.

Speaking of, we are now past month one of the H-Town Mayoral race and so far it looks like nobody is catching on fire. No one seems to be pulling away. Heck, no one seems to be interested right now. Understandably, folks are more focused on where the economy is heading.

“Impotent” was the word that was used this morning by a female GOP talking head to describe how The President is handling the current “earmarks” laden appropriations bill. You know, when a female utilizes the word “impotent” in a critical sense – well, it makes sense and can be effective.

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl went to check out the Classical Mystery Tour and the Symphony this past Friday night. It is music from The Beatles that was originally recorded with symphony instruments like “The Long and Winding Road”, “Golden Slumbers”, “All You Need is Love”, “Yesterday”, “Got to Get You Into My Life”, and “A Day in the Life”. Classical Mystery Tour is four dudes that play, kind of look like, and sing like The Beatles. Of course, the Paul fella played right handed. There were a whole lot of folks there that were older than Commentary. It wasn’t a rock concert but rather the Symphony Does The Beatles. It was neat.

Barbie who never needs touching up is 50 today. Heck, she’s older than The President. Of course, The First Lady has better arms than Barbie.

Sometime this October, an animated flick called “Astro Boy” will hit the theaters. No it is not about CM James Rodriguez’ early years when he was an Astros batboy. It is from the Japanese TV series of a few years back. I wonder if the movie promoters will have a tie in at The Yard later on this season like giving out “Astro Boy” T-shirts and stuff. It would be neat if the flick is released while we’re playing in the World Serious.

Roy O. started last night’s Team USA against Venezuela which was on ESPN. He did OK but didn’t figure in the decision as Team USA won 15 to 6.

March 9, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary