By Marc Campos

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Commentary doesn’t understand this casino legislation here in the Longhorn, errr sorry Obama, Lone Star State. Why do we have to limit the number of casinos? Why not have a law where we have all the casinos we can handle including sports betting – kind of like they have in Vegas. If one of the arguments is that Texans spend too much of their moolah in Vegas, so we might as well spend it here, then we might as well be like Vegas.

Here’s the deal. When I go to Vegas and I’m losing my arse at the MGM Grand, heck I just head over to the Luxor to see if my luck changes, then maybe over to Mandalay Bay. If we’re going to have casino gambling, then we might as well go all out. Why do we have to have this piece meal deal?

John Edwards just came through Texas to pick up some cash and supporters. It looks like he did OK. Keep an eye on him, now that he doesn’t have John Kerry as baggage.

Arrrgh!!!!!! I glanced at today’s SA Express News columnists – no news about things in H-Town. Meanwhile in today’s Chron, well, you get the point.

March 09, 2007, 9:00AM

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