By Marc Campos

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Here's an interesting Election Day stat. In Harris County, a little over 12,000 folks voted early in the Dem Party Primary. In Webb County (Laredo), over 16,000 folks voted early. About 36,000 Harris County Dems voted in the primary, about 32,000 Webb County Dems voted in their primary. Granted, they had a lot more action in Webb County, but still ........ Think about it, if someone with deep pockets like the Voucher King were to drop a ton of buckos in the Harris County Dem Primary - talk about havoc.

There's a lot of buzz about Webb County vote counters and the problems they had on Election Night, nobody's saying much about Tarrant County vote counters and the extra votes they gave to all the candidates. Maybe it has something to do with who does the vote counting.

Commentary has been trying to figure out who won on Election Day - the E-Day Award has to go to the new Parent PAC. Hey, they knocked off the Chair of the Public Ed Committee. Props to them.

A few local Latino leaders talked to me yesterday about Texas House District 140. They're asking how an Anglo Dem incumbent can win reelection with only 900 votes plus. Looks like some folks are gonna make this a Latino political project - I predict a Latino Dem will win that seat in 2008 - betcha.

March 9, 2006, 9:00AM

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