By Marc Campos

Fumble, Sex Os, Bobbleheads

I think the Chron owes some of us a ‘splanation. The Chron said yesterday that Roy Morales, a candidate in the $4 Million Shelley Special was disqualified and didn’t make it on the ballot, today, the Chron says he’s on the ballot – never mind. Come on now! Morales sent out an email late last night all but accusing the Mayor’s “people” of trying to do him in. I don’t know about this. It sounds like the Chron’s writers were duped on this story yesterday. Commentary has said before that I’m for Melissa Noriega. I think Melissa will also win and can win without this BS. Still, everybody loves to talk about “transparency” in the process – so what happened? Until Commentary gets all the complete set of facts, I’m going to be thinking that somebody tried to subvert the electoral process and that really pi__es me off, because if it can happen in this race and folks get away with it, it might happen to mine or yours!

The Chron had an article a week or so ago about how we can’t seem to locate all the sex offenders that are released from prison. Hey, try checking the payroll records of the Texas Youth Commission!

The ‘Stros announced yesterday that on July 28 they will give away a Roy O Bobblehead riding a bulldozer – cool. Hey, maybe we’ll get Numero 45 riding a caballo for his bobblehead.


March 08, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary