By Marc Campos

Da Bell Rings, Crushed, 121, Royal Line, .400, Zero, Shaft

Like it or not - and I like it - we now have a Texas Dem Party leader. Chris Bell now gets to set the table in preparation for the race this Fall. He earned it, now let's work with him. Lead, Chris, lead! Adelante!

After the returns came in late last night, I drove over towards Senate District 7, saw an exodus of Latino looking folks streaming out. They must of heard that it's open season for folks without papers in that part of Houston/Harris County. Wonder what's the limit for paperless folks you can bag? Of course, they don't call them "leases" - they're called "restaurants" or "construction sites." One of the best lines last night came from Mark Ellis, one of the folks crushed by Dan Patrick, the next GOP State Senator from District 7. Asked by a TV reporter what he (Ellis) would do different, he replied - "buy a radio station." Makes you wonder what Michael Berry was thinking last night, ya see, Berry - a Houston City Council member - also is a radio talk show host. Hope Michael doesn't start playing the I-Card. You gotta figure wannabees will take a page from Patrick's playbook and start going after the paperless folks - caramba!

121 more votes and Dem State Rep Al Edwards would have avoided a run-off. I fully expect the run-off to be very entertaining. Outsiders will be parachuted into District 146 to help defeat Edwards. Hey, you gotta be impressed with his showing against two well financed opponents.

"Just losing Grusendorf alone obviously causes trouble for (House Speaker Tom) Craddick," Republican consultant Royal Masset said. "You don't have the same team to get through education reform." Well, the "same team" hasn't done a good job lately of moving education reform forward, maybe some players needed to be benched.

The Voucher King went 2 for 5 yesterday - he's batting .400.

Henry 2, Zero zero. They'll blame it on Webb County. So what's wrong with supporting a favorite son. Webb County Dem voters will be ridiculed, but we'll love (need) them in November. So much for the rematch.

"Who's the cat that won't cop out, when there's danger all about." Gordon Parks died yesterday. He directed "Shaft." He was also a great photographer. He was 93.

March 8, 2006, 9:00AM

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