By Marc Campos

Texas Democratic Oversight

By Marc Campos

We have not read about it in the newspapers, but earlier this year, the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party announced his appointments to the State Democratic Executive Committee's (SDEC) six standing committees. He also appointed six committee chairs - and guess what? - not a single one was Latino. He apparently called it an oversight. How about blunder, idiotic, or major league screw-up?

Dude needs to take some time to check out election results. He'll find that the Latino vote is key to Democratic Party successes. Maybe he needs to stroll over to the State Capitol, go up to the Senate Chamber gallery, and count the seven brown faces, errr, state senators, that make up a majority of the twelve strong Democratic state senate delegation. Then walk over to the House Chamber gallery and have a House Sergeant tell him that close to half of the House Democrats are Latinos.

In the past, Commentary has heard from Latino Democratic activists that are fed up with "oversights". They say that Latinos should stop being nice and just take over the Texas Democratic Party. Not a bad idea.

Speaking of the State Chair, one of his fans, put out an essay that praises the Chair and says that the Chair "has recently hired a professional fundraiser and has promised that if she doesn't raise enough to cover her fee, he'll pay it out of his own pocket". How about if she doesn't raise enough to cover her fee, fire her?

Memo to the City of Houston's Health Department. Commentary went to one of the city's health clinics yesterday to finally get a flu shot (what flu vaccine shortage?). There was a yellow form that had to be filled out that included a section to mark race/ethnicity. White male, White female, Black male, Black female, Spanish male, yikes!! Spanish female, yikes!! Oriental male, yikes!! Oriental female, yikes!! Commentary is not a Spaniard but marked the box anyway. It was odd that the translated form (in Spanish, or should I say Hispanic) was correct. Fix the English, or should I say British.

March 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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