By Marc Campos

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Scooter took a bullet yesterday for the team. Meanwhile W’s Brain is sitting over in the West Wing smiling like The Cheshire Cat. I wonder when Vegas will set the line on when Scooter will get The Presidential Pardon. The safe money and the lowest odds, like bet $1000 to win $10, are after the 2008 presidential election.

I hope folks don’t get all worked up about using the Scooter verdict to go after W, W’s Brain, and Cheney – those guys don’t give a rat’s arse about what the media thinks, what Dems in Congress think, what world leaders think, what the mainstream clergy thinks, or what Commentary thinks. So don’t waste your time. Instead, think 685 – that’s how many days until W’s back at the ranch for good.

Texans for School Choice sent out a mail piece yesterday asking for support of vouchers. It is a fairly dramatic piece. The piece has a good graphic and also includes a cute photo of a young Latina student.

The folks that brought us the GEICO Cavemen commercial now want to spin it off into a sitcom. It is supposed to be a TV series about cavemen in a modern society, or a day in the life of the folks that run the Harris County GOP.

Commentary is starting to read San Antonio Express News columnists. Maybe they’ll let me know what’s going on in H-Town. The Chron’s columnist is making sure that I know what’s going on in SA.

Speaking of rub downs, the NASA folks got some ‘splaining to do. Talk about the right stuff or is it a space odyssey or rather the star wars trilogy. I wonder if it is possible in a weightlessness environment. I wonder if NASA had that in mind and that’s why they let things go this far, well, as they say in the business – scuttle that idea.

Sweet Marisa makes her lector debut at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church this Sunday at the 12:30 pm. Mariachi Mass – an SRO crowd is expected.

March 7, 2007 9:00AM

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