By Marc Campos

Remember The Rodeo!

Today is March 6. 173 years ago today William, Davy, Jim and the rest of revolutionaries fell at The Alamo. I still think the best Alamo movie was the one with John Wayne and Frankie Avalon. We donít do enough in the Lone Star State to commemorate March 2 which is our Independence Day, March 6, and April 21 Ė San Jacinto Day.

Today is also Black Heritage Day at The Rodeo. The Chron has a piece on The Rodeo and diversity today. Check it out. The Rodeo says they are looking to add an Asian American recognition day. I'm OK with this just so long as they don't portray Asian Americans like "Bonanza" did with that Hop Sing fella. The Rodeoís only Latino VP is a fella named Rudy Cano. I donít know him but here is what he had to say: ďMy experience with the show is that anyone willing to go out there and give their time and make a commitment to do the work is welcome.Ē

Somebody asked Commentary the other day why I wasnít involved in this fight. I responded that other than I canít drive down Memorial Drive the day before the Rodeo Parade, I have yet to be convinced that The Rodeo impacts my everyday life. Frankly, I find the whole Rodeo battle entertaining. Iím content being a spectator on this one. I enjoy seeing how folks employ their tactics and strategies on this issue.

Roy O. and Team USA were on Letterman last night to do the Top Ten Reasons to watch the World Baseball Classic Ė Roy O. was joined by the likes of Jeter, Braun, Youklis, Pedroia, Cheeper, Youklis, Rollins, and Dunn. I thought Roy O. was great on scratching as the 'Stros beat Numero 45 and Team Panama yesterday.

March 6, 2009 9:00AM

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