By Marc Campos

County Judge, Friends Again, Lust In Space, Sound $$ Check

It looks like Harris County will get a new County Judge today. State Senator Talk Show Host isn’t too happy with the fella that is supposed to be selected. I guess the State Senator isn’t happy the new County Judge doesn’t have the right kind of experience – you know, spending two weeks vacation along the border with the Mini-Men, introducing English-only resolutions, protesting in front of Planned Parenthood, going to an Ann Coulter book signing, and writing letters to the Chron condemning the Pride Parade be abolished.

Props go to Friendswood – you’re still a friend – for rejecting an English-only resolution at last night’s City Council meeting. Hey, you get to keep your Mexican restaurants! Local LULAC gets great props for fighting the good fight over there.

I love you Hans Solo. I love you Luke Skywalker. I want to rip your clothes off Chewbaca. I love you ET. I love you Darth. Hey, there’s no time for love in space! Don’t tell that to NASA. Don’t they have like email space filters? It turns out the space folk fella was receiving romantic emails from one of his girlfriends while he was in space. His other girlfriend found out about them. You gotta figure with all the NASA folks monitoring space stuff, they had to know about this right? Come on, doesn’t NASA want to know everything that is being transmitted up there. Along the same lines, Commentary is wondering, can a guy get a you know what up there in a weightlessness environment?

The Houston Rodeo is losing out on close to a million dollars because their sound system crashed during their biggest concert in all time history the day before yesterday – yikes! They are doing the right thing and refunding some folks that sat in seating sections where you couldn’t hear stuff. I gotta tell Pam-In-Charge to take extra Double AAs when Jimmy Buffett plays at the yard next month.


March 06, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary