By Marc Campos

CrashBack, Op Errors, Zilch, Four Weeks

When I first saw it, I knew "Crash" was a special and important movie. I told folks to go check it out. Right before the big announcement last night, I told My Buddy, "I bet 'Crash' wins - TAH DAH! I'm glad "Brokeback Mountain" got the Best Director recognition. Two great flicks, could have gone either way.

Best Line goes to George "I Got Stones" Clooney - "Proud to be out of touch." Best From The Heart Acceptance Speech - Reese Witherspoon. Props to "Brokeback" director Ang Lee for thanking "Ennis and Jack."

From the I Want To Know Department: Where do you go see the Live Short Action Films and the Short Animated Films?

What's up with Sandra Bullock taking Keanau to the show? Will Charlize Theron ever get nominated for playing a good looking woman? Back to Clooney, the guy has Hollywood Hunk written all over him - none of the other guys even come close. For those of the female persuasion, My Buddy votes for Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank and Felicity Huffman have my vote.

Commentary regularly reads the Op-Eds. First time I saw one (yesterday/Sunday in the Chron) that just says where the author went to school. They usually say where you work, what you do, where you come from. The headline cracked on the subject and how the subject was tainted in a certain part of town, the author lives and was raised in another part of town. The piece also had quite a few glaring errors, but I guess Op-Eds aren't supposed to have accurate facts. Hmmmmmm.

'Twas the day before the primary and barely a word from the Chron on Texas House District 27 heated Dem Party Primary - in far away Fort Bend County. It is fair to say that the Chron fumbled on this race. In the future the Chron will opine on the low voter turnout in the Houston area - duhhhhhh - try informing folks that there are races in the area outside of Senate District 7 - yeah, like the winner in SD 7 is actually going to solve immigration issues.

Opening Day is 28 days away - Astros vs the Fish -if they move to SA, we'll call them the Pescados.

March 6, 2006 9:00AM

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