By Marc Campos

High Tech Fasting And The Sheriff Fires Back

Some Catholic bishops are urging us Catholics to give up electronic gizmos for Lent like ipods, cell phones, text messaging, email, and the internet. I don’t know about that. Sounds like the first step towards Holy Orders to me. I’ll stick to my original plan of no flour tortillas and iced tea until Easter.

The New Harris County Dem Sheriff took offense to yesterday’s Chron story on “chauffeurs”. He fired back today in a letter: “The Chronicle Wednesday printed a misleading story when it discussed the use of “chauffeurs” within the sheriff’s office. (Please see “County may not be safer, but 2 top officials likely are / Use of deputies as their chauffeurs raises questions of timing and need,” Page One.) The Sheriff’s Office does not hire chauffeurs, and to refer to the two deputies assigned to duties — which merely include but are not limited to the operation of county-issued vehicles — as “chauffeurs” is demeaning.

“It was insulting to these two deputies who collectively have given a half century to law enforcement. They have received special training for their assignments and will soon receive additional training from the Secret Service. They do not perform functions dissimilar from the mayor’s detail, nor those performed by details in many major cities and counties. The Chronicle owes these public servants an apology.

“Having a deputy partner with me while I am away from the office allows me to do the public’s business without interruption. I would be happy to discuss with Harris County commissioners any concerns they have about assignments that are made to maximize the resources we have and how these deputies serve us in many ways. But chauffeurs they are not, and it is inaccurate to suggest otherwise.”

I don’t think the Chron will apollyize.

There is an Austin web fella that is slapping H-Town’s Mayor around pretty good. One of the Mayor’s supporters is valiantly defending the Mayor. The last thing Commentary is looking for is stirring up another mini riot like I did when I mentioned a possible CD 18 race. I will say this. There are a number of local activists that are taking delight in seeing the Mayor have to do battle. The local GOP pros are feeding stuff to web folks and media types throughout the state that is critical of the Mayor. After all, that is what they are supposed to do. There are also some Dem pros and activists cracking on the Mayor behind the scenes. They think the Mayor hasn’t shown them enough respect. Stay tuned!

Here’s what Commentary is thinking of sending to The White House: “Dear Mr. President. King Rush of the GOP has challenged you to a debate. I think you ought to debate him only if he agrees to run for Prez in 2012. This will allow you to kick his arse in a debate and then again in 2012.”

It looks like Rush is the only GOPer allowed to come up with a GOP idea. Commentary watched Rush's 90 minute speech on CNN this past Saturday. It looks like the only thing we have in common is that neither of us have hair on our chest.

A West Virginia Dem state rep is calling for the banning of the sale of Barbie dolls. He says Barbie promotes physical beauty at the expense of intellectual and emotional development. Commentary thinks the real reason is that Barbie threatens the Official West Virginia State Dolls – Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I don’t know about you but Commentary is tired of hearing about the Octomommy.

ManRam signed a two year deal for $45 mil. You can check him out wearing the Dodger Blue at The Yard from April 21 – 23 including Play Green Day on the 22nd where they hand out green ‘Stros lids made out recycled material for the first

10,000 fans or so. The ‘Stros take on Numero 45 and Panama today.

March 5, 2009 9:00AM

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