By Marc Campos

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It looks like Harris County Judge Robert Eckels will say adios tomorrow. There is now the possibility that both local political parties will have spirited and competitive races for County Judge during next year’s primaries. That is probably a good thing. On the Dem side, three names have been floated. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. It’ll help get us Dems into shape as we head toward the 2008 general election – kind of like Spring Training.

Hey, what’s up with nobody being interested in running for Houston City Council, At-Large 5 position? The seat is currently held by the radio talk show guy – he’s term limited. Remember when his wife was thinking about running – what happened to that idea? Doesn’t anyone want to serve? There needs to be some competition.

G-Man got some good run in today’s Chron. “We created a profile for a “Gerard Torres-type.’ Someone who was smart and personable, knew the process from the inside, and could work with anybody,” said his former boss. The Chron article is about former electeds and the gigs they get when they leave office. G-Man’s props are well deserved. He’s a stand up guy. He takes the time to mentor the younger Latinos/Latinas that want to be involved in politics. When he gets the chance, he’s at the yard watching the ‘Stros.
If you run into G-Man, tell him he is “smart and personable.”

A Florida Dem State Legislator has filed a bill to do away with the term “illegal aliens” – that’s a good thing. Let’s also file a bill to do way with – like send her on a rocket ship to Pluto – that goofy GOP right wing mean spirited woman that dropped the “F____t” bomb at a right wing hate fest this past weekend. Come on, she thinks she’s being cute with her pitiful schtick. Let’s hope folks like CNN, “The Today Show” and others don’t ever invite her on to do a yak job.

Yesterday afternoon, Commentary had CNN on the tube. Most of the coverage was from Selma, Alabama. A summary: Obama and Hillary arrive at separate functions. Bill is with Hillary. Obama and Hillary sit down. Obama and Hillary stand up and join in the hymn singing. Obams and Hillary bow their heads. Obama and Hillary take bathroom breaks. Obama and Hillary shake hands with Selma folks. Obama and Hillary …..you get the picture. I wonder what Edwards, Biden, Dodd and Richardson were thinking. I wonder why they didn’t just catch a flight to Selma and get in the picture. I wonder if CNN is playing favorites.

Speaking of Spring Training, the Chron has a story today on Richard Hidalgo – says Richard is taking long bus rides. He still has a way to go – Commentary is rooting for Richard. By the way, Opening Day is four weeks from today!

March 05, 2007, 9:00AM

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