By Marc Campos

Tone Deaf And Hunker Down

Tone Deaf And Hunker Down The people of the U.S. of A. are hurting. They are expecting the administration and Congress to act responsibly in getting us out of this economic mess. Everything our leaders do impacts the confidence of lenders, investors, and the consumers. It is pretty obvious to me that individual members of Congress don’t give a rat’s arse about the image of Congress the institution. If they did, they wouldn’t keep getting their earmark fixes. They get their earmark hits so they can look good back home even though folks across the U.S. of A. are disgusted. Congress doesn’t get it.

Speaking of failure to hunker down, the Chron has a story about the New Harris County Dem Sheriff and the County Judge getting each assigned a chauffer. Check it out. I don’t know about using deputies for this right now. Folks want more officers and deputies on patrol. They should have waited at least until the economy improved. The Sheriff’s spokesperson could have done better with his response – this is how the Chron said he responded: “Putting them (deputies) behind the wheel lets Garcia and Emmett spend time checking e-mail, answering phone calls and rehearsing speeches.” I don’t care how you spin it, it is not a good PR move.

The Sheriff and County Judge are nice fellas and should be cut some slack. They also need to be the ones that are behind the wheel right now and not fall victim to elitism syndrome.

Here’s what the Chron’s Matt Stiles had to say about a real good idea that ought to be enacted: “State Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, who as a City Council member spearheaded Houston's smoking ban, has introduced legislation than would eliminate trans fats from Texas restaurants. Alvarado, serving her first term in the Texas House, plans to discuss the bill on Thursday at Ibiza in Midtown. The bill would ban trans fats, often used to boost the shelf life of foods, in all Texas restaurants. It also would require that prepared and served foods contain less than a half gram per serving, according to a news release.”

Yesterday’s take on District H got a response from the candidate: “Mr. Campos, Just want to clarify something on your latest Commentary. Being that I am the only one thus far to have been endorsed, I think its pretty clear you are referring to me. I did not support Martha Wong as you suggest. I am not the only Ed Gonzalez in the city. Surely this was just a slight oversight on your part. I do enjoy your writings on the Astros by the way, I too am a big fan, but again you were "off base" to suggest that this Ed supported Martha Wong. In fact, I have long admired and respected State Representative Ellen Cohen for her dedicated work in the community, especially for her leadership with the Houston Area Women's Center. Early in my public service career, I had the opportunity to work in the Family Violence field and gained a great deal of insight and appreciation for the work done by Ellen Cohen during her tenure at the HAWC. Respecfully, Ed Gonzalez”

So I responded: “Ed, This info was forwarded to me. I just kind of thought it might be you since you did vote in the 2000 Republican Primary in which George W. Bush was a presidential candidate and your campaign manager did announce at a forum recently that you had been a Republican and were now a Democrat. I'll get to clarifying it tomorrow. Marc.”

It is clarified.

Speaking of women, only three candidates in District H have the big campaign signs on display. The signs of Yolanda Navarro Flores and Karen Derr are the only ones getting slashed, vandalized, or ripped off – the two women candidates…tsk, tsk, tsk.

Speaking of, the City of H-Town definitely went on the cheap on this District H Special Election. There are 53 precincts in District H but they are combining into 13 election-day polling locations. I hate it when Democracy is the first to get cut in hard times. Of course, the guys at the city think they are smarter than the rest of us and they figure that heck it is a special election so nobody is going to turn out so why spend the money. Well, when you make it less convenient, you are pretty much paying for a low turnout.

New on the menu at The Yard next month: hot dog sliders or three mini dogs with chips. I hear tamales might also make their local major league debut – aw shucks! Something is also in store for Nine Amigos but I can’t go into it right now until I get clearance.

March 4, 2009 9:00AM

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