By Marc Campos


The Dem Prez sweepstakes unexpectedly landed in the laps of Lone Star State Dems and we handled it well. I’m sure we will run into a bunch of logistical snafus today, so let's exert patience and prevail. Way to go fellow Dems! Lone Star State Dems are the deciders today!

Hillary made it to H-Town’s District I this morning with Carol Alvarado, County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, and H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez at Carol’s home precinct – Precinct 218 – J.P. Henderson Elementary. Hey, Commentary said a couple of weeks ago that the Lone Star State’s Dem Primary winner would be the one who spent the most time in H-Town’s Latino community. Let’s see, Chelsea dropped in a couple of times, the President dropped by three times, and now Hillary. Let’s see if I called it right. We will know tonight.

In order to seal the deal, you are being strongly encouraged to attend tonight’s precinct conventions. If you don't mind, afterwards, shoot Commentary an email to let me know how it went. I'm interested in knowing how many folks showed up, did it start on time, was the meeting room big enough, how long did it last, did it run smoothly, did folks seem to know what was going on, which campaign was better organized, which side had the most participants, was it worth your time, and did you enjoy the experience. I want to put it on my website later this week - of course I won't use your names unless you want me to. Thanks.

First time voter J. Dominic had his picture taken with President Clinton at Mason Park this past Sunday. Eva Longoria was with Hillary in Austin last night.

I got a call from a River Oaks Dem this morning and she told me that some GOPers were voting in the Dem Primary this morning and voting for Hillary because they said she would be easier to beat in November – another interesting twist.

Commentary won’t predict what will happen today in the Lone Star State but I will predict that the ‘Stros will have a good April.

Let’s vote then caucus!

March 4, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary