By Marc Campos

The Treatment And Dueling Sombreros

Former State Rep Tom Shieffer announced that he is exploring the possibility of running for Guv as a Dem. Remember back in 2001 when Tony Sanchez got into the Guv race and Dem activists gave him the treatment early on for being friends with and giving buckos to Dallas’ Newest Resident. I wonder if Dem activists will give Shieffer the same treatment they gave Sanchez. You know – the old party purity gauntlet.

Shieffer said yesterday that he wouldn’t comment on the performance of the administration’s last eight years. Sorry Tom, you don’t get a pass on this one. I don’t think there is a single Dem in the whole U.S. of A. that doesn’t have an opinion of the last eight years. What makes you the only special one that can say no comment?

The Rodeo had its highest ranking Latino pen an Op-Ed that ran in the Chron a few days ago promoting The Rodeo. Latino Rodeo volunteers also sent out emails refuting some of the claims that Rodeo protesters are putting out. It is starting to look like one of them south of the border Chorizo Westerns. You got some vaqueros and some bandidos and if things get more interesting maybe some federales will step in. For now, Commentary will assume the role of one of those “campesinos” dressed in all white gear working the fields and doing my yob while all around me the vaqueros and bandidos run at each other waving their pistolas and swigging tequila.

It turns out the local Latino Dem group’s endorsed candidate in District H was a Martha Wong supporter in 2006 when Ellen Cohen beat her. At least that’s what Wong’s list says. That must have not come up during the screening.

Speaking of GOPers, the RNC Chair kissed Rush’s arse last night just the way Rush likes it. It is not nice to refer to the GOP Boss as Rush The Entertainer.

From yesterday’s ‘Stros Spring Training Notes: “RHP LaTroy Hawkins has agreed to join Team USA for the World Baseball Classic. Hawkins, who will be replacing Joe Nathan, will join the team in Clearwater, FL after his workout here in Kissimmee today ... The Astros now have four Major League players representing their respective countries in the upcoming World Baseball Classic...shortstop Miguel Tejada joined the Dominican team in Jupiter today ...RHP Roy Oswalt joined Team USA in Clearwater today ...OF Carlos Lee is scheduled to play for the Astros today vs. the Yankees and join the Panama squad on Tuesday or Wednesday...Team Panama is training at the Astros minor league Spring Training facility at Osceola County Stadium and will play the Astros on Thursday, March. 5.”

March 3, 2009 9:00AM

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