By Marc Campos

Election Eve Rap-off!

Well, here we are at the center of the political universe and it is pretty cool. It is too close to call so they say. Whatever happens - happens!

Who would have ever thought that Bill Clinton would have a rally in H-Town’s Mason Park in District I with Carol Alvarado and James Rodriguez?

Aren’t we glad that our Dem Party leaders and Dem state legislators got it wrong and didn’t get their way and stick us into Super Duper Tuesday? Every now and then Commentary gets it right.

This election season’s hardest worker award goes to Carol Alvarado – like way beyond the call of duty. A close runner-up goes to CEWDEM, followed closely by Hillary/Obama, then McLovin who’s on a first name basis with the Clintons and who will also be going to his first precinct convention tomorrow evening in Obama country – I hope he doesn’t defect or worse come out with a war bride.

Hey, if Hillary’s “3 AM” ad wasn’t good according to the pundits, how come Obama has one?

From the Let’s Do Our Best To Screw Things Up Dept: At this point in the process, there is no reason why the Texas Democratic Party should have precinct/election judges phone in the precinct convention results to satisfy the media and the two campaigns. That’s not in the rules! The judges already have to deal with a large number of voters, fuss over combined voting locations, run their elections, handle the precinct conventions, and haul off and turn in the results. Let the process run its course and make sure an accurate count is reported once it is all tabulated in the next few days. We’ve come this far – what’s the hurry?

Today’s Chron editorial says to check your voting locations tomorrow morning – way to go. Now let’s put it on the front page.

I have to not hand it to a lot of the media folks. A lot of them have thin skins. Many of them definitely don’t like the way they have been portrayed on “Saturday Night Live” on how they treat Hillary and Obama.

FYI – here’s one of the resolutions I will be introducing at my precinct convention tomorrow night:

Resolution to Eliminate Super Delegates

by Marc Campos and Orel Fitzsimmons

Whereas the 2008 Democratic Presidential Campaign has focused worldwide attention on the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process, and

Whereas the role of the “Super Delegate” has been exposed, debated and scrutinized, and

Whereas the role of the “Super Delegate” smacks of “elitism” that runs counter to the goals and ideals of the Democratic Party, and;

Whereas the “Super Delegate” concept has put a stain on the Democratic Nominating Process, and

Whereas, the “Super Delegate” concept should never be a part of the Presidential nominating process of the Democratic Party,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Democratic Party eliminate the “Super Delegate” positions for all future delegate selection plans.

Take that!

From an H-Town Latina leader: “I was driving past the Obama newly opened headquarters near my house (Friday night) when I noticed one of their volunteers standing outside in parking lot taking a p__s, out in the open on a major street (Wayside). I pulled up and and yelled at him, ‘hey what are you doing? You're taking a piss out in the public!’ He said he lost something and was looking for it, I said ‘with your zipper down?’ I told him I lived in this neighborhood and didn't appreciate him pi__ing in my ‘hood. He had Obama signs on his car, so I said ‘and you're representing the Obama campaign?"

He finally admitted it and apologized. His car had Florida license plates. I had been on the phone with (can’t name) during my drive home and had her on speaker phone so when I rolled downed window, she heard the entire exchange. Too funny!”

Hey, haven’t they ever heard of an Obama-break room?

Commentary played host to a Danish (from Denmark) reporter Saturday afternoon and I took him on a tour of the ‘hood so he could interview Latino voters. We went to Wortham Golf Course, Denver Harbor, and H-Town’s East End – it was overwhelming Hillary. Uncle Eddie says he’s supporting McCain – what!

After you get through with your precinct conventions tomorrow evening, you are all invited to Carol Alvarado’s Election Night Celebration at Doneraki at Gulfgate.

The local Latino Rodeo Boycott Leaders forgot to tell Latinos to boycott The Rodeo. There sure were a lot of Latinos at The Rodeo parade Saturday including a Goya Foods float. No se puede!

Commentary dropped by The Yard this weekend to check out some college baseball action. I wish they would get rid of those durn metal bats. Pinging doesn’t belong at The Yard! Meanwhile, the ‘Stros take on the Yankees today on Fox Sports Southwest TV, the same TV network that will have Hillary on this evening – cool! Let’s play ball and vote!!

March 3, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary