By Marc Campos

Lame Excuses

How can any member of Congress defend the continued use of “earmarks”? Why does the Dem leadership say it is OK? Don’t they know that it doesn’t look good to the rest of the U.S. of A.? No wonder Congress continues to be the least favored institution around.

There is a story in today’s Chron about the city losing over $9 mil in higher interest payments. Of course, nobody at the city is taking the blame. It looks like they are pointing the finger at the banks and the economy. It should make us all feel good.

My hard copy of the Chron is looking thinner these days. The Business and City/State sections are combined – Mondays and Tuesdays only. The editorial page is down from two pages to one. There is no classified section today.

Late this past Friday night, The Rodeo called Commentary and asked if I would be a last minute replacement to serve as Co-Grand Marshall of Saturday morning’s Rodeo Parade after the original Co-Grand Marshall designee, the new Harris County Dem Sheriff, backed out. Knowing I had them over a barrel I played hard ball and requested a couple of cases of leftover wine from the Rodeo’s Wine Tasting Competition, free passes to all the carnival rides including free carnie grub for me and some buddies, a few ribeye cuts from the Grand Champion Steer, and a suite that seats sixteen for the Jonas Brothers so I could take Dante, Luke, J. Dominic and a few of their friends. I’m not that hard to please, errr buy – I’m easy. The Rodeo also plays hardball and wouldn’t budge on the free carnie grub – excuse me, but how much does a fried twinkie cost anyway? I told them to take a hike.

Commentary noticed the other day that CNN’s top war correspondence is now in Mexico – yikes!

Today is the Lone Star State’s 173rd birthday and former State Rep Tom Schieffer will announce for Guv as a Dem. I wonder where he stands on the issues?

Commentary dropped by The Yard this weekend. I just can’t get used to the ping of college baseball. Opening Day is five weeks from today.

March 2, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary