By Marc Campos

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My PR Agent devotes her column today to the Houston City Council term limits issue. Hey, didn’t I touch on that yesterday? Commentary doesn’t have a problem with that. I don’t mind being an inspiration every now and then. A bill has been introduced up in Austin to alter the current term limit ordinance. Commentary prefers doing away with them all together. However, I like the idea of letting folks vote on the measure. Actually, I prefer getting the required signatures on a petition to get the measure on the ballot.

One of the Chron’s columnists today writes about a local GOP Texas House member and his problems with the dreaded Contributions and Expenditures (C&E) reports – you know, how much your campaign raises and how do you spend the money. I wonder if the Chron’s columnist is going to look at the reports of other folks and write about them. I’m sure there is some interesting stuff out there in C&E land.

Speaking of campaigns, James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I, has a website at www.jamesforcouncil.com. The website is still being fine tuned. The campaign website is getting a lot of positive comments.

Happy Birthday Texas! We’re 171 years young today! We got the most recognizable flag and state in America. We got one of the coolest state nicknames – The Lone Star State – you hear that Obama. We’re the only state that used to be a country. We got the best baseball stadium in the whole wide world. Yeah, we got a bunch of problems. Yeah, we got a bunch of a__holes that live here, but still, I’d rather be a Texan.

March 02, 2007, 9:00AM

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