By Marc Campos

The Terms, City Stammers, Si NN, Announce, Beisbol

Commentary has to admit it, I voted for term limits for Houston City Council back in 1991. I had my reasons. I led the Houston/Harris County Latino redistricting effort back then and a bunch of the Houston City Council members were real arrogant towards redistricting and towards the Latino effort in particular, so I voted for term limits – take that. Now I’ve come to realize that term limits aren’t such a good idea. I think it is time for the city’s leadership – business and political to start rethinking term limits and do something.

Of course, if we’re going to do anything, I prefer eliminating term limits altogether. I don’t want this two four year term stuff, or three three year terms. Why should city council members have limits and not anyone else around here? I mean, city services are pretty important.

Speaking of city government, Channel 13’s Wayne Dolcefino really made the City of Houston’s Affirmative Action program look real bad the last three nights. It looked like all of a sudden some of the City’s key top leaders came down with major speech impediments when they tried to answer Wayne’s questions. I’ll take some of that back – Council Member Ada Edwards came off pretty good on camera, I guess because she doesn’t play games – she calls them like she sees them.

CNN has to expand its best political team on television squad and add a Latino/Latina – period. I’m starting to get tired of seeing the same old Dems and GOPers – you know them – Paul, James, Bay, Roulette Bill, J.C., Donna, blah, blah, blah. They are starting to get a little predictable and even boring. Some of them already have picked a horse in the Prez sweepstakes. CNN can’t tell me there aren’t any Latino/Latina political analysts out there that they could put on the air. Commentary would be glad to interview. Come on CNN, you got Lou Dobblehead on, throw Latinos a hueso.

Speaking of the Prez sweepstakes, the GOP Senator from Arizona announced on Letterman last night that he was running for Prez – huh? When is an announcement an announcement or just an announcement – or do they really need to announce – got it?

Pam-In-Charge heads to Kissimmee today as the ‘Stros open their Grapefruit League season this afternoon against Cleveland. Maybe she’ll let me know how Richard Hidalgo is doing. The Chron hasn’t given him much run the past week.

Meanwhile, Numero 45 is in H-Town today to ride in the grand parade over at the rodeo. He’s supposed to ride in ‘Stros gear. Commentary hears that the Texans’ QB VIII will be riding on a burro …… awwww…… not really.

March 1, 2007 9:00AM

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