By Marc Campos

2010 Campaign Kickoff?

H-Town’s Mayor sounded like he’s running for Governor in 2010 according to today’s Austin American Statesman. What else is new? Check it out.

I have to disagree with what the Harris County Dem Chair says in the article. The Chair said that if the Mayor had run in 2006, he’d be Governor today. I don’t think so. The H-Town Mayor will likely be our nominee in 2010 yet sit on the sidelines in 2008 – go figure.

AT&T is moving its corporate headquarters out of San Antonio and moving to Dallas. AT&T says getting flights in and out of SA is one of the key reasons for hitting the road. I wonder why AT&T didn’t consider coming to H-Town. I guess DFW does better than IAH in terms of flights to and from. Or maybe the AT&T suits would rather see the Cowboys than the Texans since we don’t have Vince. I think the air conditioning at The Yard is a lot better than the AC Arlington Park or whatever it is called. Well at least they stayed in the Lone Star State.

Another take on H-Town Council Member Jolanda Jones:

“Jolanda has taken on the status quo wherever she has made her presence felt, such as the embarrassing crime lab which sent mostly minorities to prison on false evidence, that her predecessors on city council utterly ignored. She has taken on the continuing "wild west" behavior of HPD against its own citizens, again mostly ignored by current city council people wishing to curry favor with the police for their "communities". She may not win any popularity contests among the establishment, but she speaks truth to power.”

CEWDEM sent this over to Commentary on my “gun show” take last Friday:

“Please pass this response regarding Marc Campos’s diatribe regarding the second amendment. I do not plan to “move to another city or burg” in order to avoid unconstitutional regulations imposed by those with little regard for individual liberty or the constitution.

Supporting the constitution including the 2nd amendment is not a partisan issue. I am the ______ County Democratic Chair and have been a member of the National Rifle Association for more than 25 years. Do not feel that I am singling you out regarding the efforts of both sides of the gun rights question. I often complain to the NRA about the divisive approach that the NRA has taken by making this a partisan issue.”

I know many good Democrats who believe as I do. Just so you understand what those beliefs are, here is a partial list.”

1. Arms are fundamentally equalization tools. They prevent physically strong or politically powerful individuals or groups from bullying those with less physical or political prowess.”

2. Our founding fathers had been subjected to forced obedience to such bully’s even when they tried to “move to another city or burg” or continent to avoid it.”

3. In a period when the executive branch of our government asserts its authority to disappear people and hold them without due process for indefinite periods the individuals right to keep and bear arms is all the more important.”

The above is only a small sampling of the important points that can be made regarding the importance of individual freedom and maintaining the means to defend an individual’s freedom.

This is not a partisan issue.”

Well at least I wasn’t challenged to a duel.

A year ago today, The Lovely Wendy and James were married.

Half the fans at The Yard this past weekend were from Red Sox Nation – wow! We took two out three against the World Champs. Saturday’s game was probably the best regular season game ever played in H-Town. We’re 10 down with the Dodgers in for four.

June 30, 2008 9:00AM

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