By Marc Campos

To The Sanctuary

Quasimodo, history's all time favorite bell ringer, swept up Esmeralda and proclaimed - "to the sanctuary!"

According to the dictionary, sanctuary is a place of refuge and protection.

Now they are saying that Houston is a "sanctuary city" and want to cut off our federal crime fighting funds. Fine, we'll just cut back on police patrols in Congressional District 7.

I would be more impressed with the opposition - my opposition - if they would go and have a press conference in one of their well manicured neighborhoods and say that they were going house to house and ask the homeowners to demand that their landscape/lawn service hire only folks with papers. OK, forget about going door to door. I'd be impressed if you just sent the homeowners a letter. The opposition is supposed to have vaunted grass roots capabilities. Well, create a real grass roots movement on this issue by targeting employers, restaurants, construction companies - you get the picture. They won't, because they'll pi__off their donor base. Cowardly, you bet. So, they pick on the city.

In today's Chron, Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado said she would "launch an all-out campaign” to counter the effort of a group that is trying to get enough signatures on petitions to force a citywide vote on a city charter change that would allow the police officers to ask about our citizenship status. We'll be rolling out more info on the Alvarado led campaign in the coming days.

June 30, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary