By Marc Campos

Bidge's Record, The Lady Speaks

Yesterday, Houston Astro Craig Biggio set a major league record for getting plunked the most times in a career - 268 hit by pitches. He's been hit by pitchers from 24 different teams. I watched him for his entire career - for the most part, he just stands there, never gets out of the way, and lets the ball sail into him. A few weeks ago at a ballgame, a fan sitting behind me cracked on Biggio for using the infamous elbow pad that is now on its way to Cooperstown - the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fan was questioning Bidge's manhood for using the pad - unlike the players of an earlier era. I'd like to see the fan out there and not flinch at a 78 mile per hour curve ball or a 91 mile per hour fast ball that is running in on you. The Houston Astros now have a major league baseball career record holder in the offensive category. Commentary salutes Craig Biggio.

Also yesterday, a local political pro had a discussion with me about Laura Salinas' speech delivery on the campaign trail. The pro opined as to whether her style was a bit aggressive. Commentary responded that the speech Laura Salinas delivered at her kick-off this past Tuesday evening was well received by the millions, errr, thousands, errr, hundreds, errr, handful of supporters that attended. Got to thinking later about the pro's comments - maybe the pro thinks itís not ladylike to be aggressive.

June 30, 2005, 9:00AM

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