By Marc Campos


First of all, go pick up a few copies of today’s Chron – definitely a collector’s item. I’ll put it to you this way. There have been over a hundred World Series champions. Only 27 players have 3000 plus base hits. Move over Ty, Henry, Pete, Willie, Stan, Lou, Honus, Cap, Cal, Tris, Roberto, Rod, Yaz and all the rest. Future Hall of Famer Craig Biggio now has 3,002. He’s gotten them all as an Astro –cool. Five freaking hits last night - incredible! Magically delicious!

The 42,000 plus fans at the yard last night got treated to something real special. It was a sports performance that folks will talk about for a long, long, long time. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen Thursday evening. Commentary and my Niece Cristina had a blast! James Rodriguez took time out to drop by and check out his old buddy Craig.

Drayton, Tim, Pam-In-Charge, Tal, Jay, John, Eileen and all the folks that run the club must be feeling real proud this morning. H-Town must be feeling real proud this morning. On the way out of the yard, they handed out a nice B-G-O 3000 Hit poster.

Did I mention that we won last night on Numero 45’s Grand Salami, errr Chorizo in the bottom of the 11th? 13 ½ out – making our move? Did I also mention that I snagged a foul ball with my lid – ask Constable Trevino’s son, Vic – he was a witness. No dreaded kids around, so I kept this ball.

On to less serious stuff, in today’s Chron, My PR Agent in her column talks about next year’s local county match-ups – Dems versus Paperless Folk Bashers. There is some pretty bold talk in the piece. The Dems are going to need a real tough spokesperson to lead the charge – any takers out there? It looks like the local GOP is going to resort to old Western style shoot’em up tactics. We – Dems – better gobble down a few doses of mean, if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow we settle all family business – James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy get married. Black tie optional. Luca Brasi, Tessio, Clemenza, Soto, and all the other capos will provide security. Tom Hagen will coordinate the meetings. Johnny Fontane is expected to drop by and croon – “I have but one heart, to share with you.”

June 29, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary