By Marc Campos

Ms. Alvarado, Poll Numeros, Ben T., Supreme This, Road Woes

Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado - called "One Of My Best Friends" in Daily Commentary - has the task of shepherding the complete ban on smoking in restaurants and bars ordinance through the Houston City Council. Alvarado Chairs the Council Committee on Environmental and Public Health, the panel that will hold public hearings on the proposed ban later on this summer. To those that like to light up, face it, the proposed ban is good public policy. It is also a matter of life and/or death. The U.S. Surgeon General appointed by W says second hand smoke is dangerous. Next time you run into Carol Alvarado, give her a high five and tell her "way to go."

Someone sent over a Texas poll yesterday called Texas Survey USA Election Poll. Among Latinos, Guv Dude had 32% followed by The Kinkster at 19%. It didn't say how Da Bell was doing with Latinos. You have to seriously question the validity of this poll. You see, Guv Dude knows that the best he can do is hit the high 30s on election day. He's counting on Da Bell, Foghorn and The Kingster to equally split up the rest. So Guv Dude is shoring up the far right with his harsh anti-Latino rhetoric - so in the end, that won't score him very many Latino votes. You know, I have a few GOP Latino friends. When we talk politics, it seems like they are embarrassed to mention Guv Dude's name. 32% - you're dreaming baby.

Ben T. Reyes will be back in town tomorrow. There is a good article in today's Chron about Ben. I urge you to read the piece that was penned by My PR Agent.

I don't know about you, but I don't think Texas Dems fared well with this Supreme ruling on congressional redistricting. They can spin it all they want, but with the exception of the Henry Bonilla district, we pretty much got punked. Of course, that's not what yesterday's talking points memo said.

Speaking of getting punked, I don't think this interleague play is doing the 'Stros much good this year. How come we had to play the two best teams in baseball and in their yards? We need some help!

FYI: Carol Alvarado is a client of Campos Communications.

June 29, 2006, 9:00AM

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