By Marc Campos

Mission Accomplished, B-G­-O, B-G-O – SRO

Some of the criminal charges against DeLay are now history. Commentary thinks its time to move on. We don’t ever want to get to the point where folks start feeling sorry for this sorry fella. Hey, the sorry fella has been run out of office. A lot of his own GOP folks don’t like him anymore. The GOP has lost its majority status in Congress. What else do we want? Everybody knows he cheated. The Travis County DA did a good job, but enough is enough. If he is continued to be prosecuted, he may end up getting off and it could backfire on us. This sorry fella is no longer in office – that should be good enough for folks – it’s good enough for Commentary.

The Lovely Wendy and James Rodriguez are now in full wedding mode. The Lovely Wendy is actually Wendolynn Marisol Montoya – now that’s a cool name. Props go to her parents for coming up with that one. I doubt I’ll ever run into another Wendolynn – try spelling that backwards. Wendolynn is a new lawyer at a Downtown law firm. She’s pretty smart. Heck, she’s real smart. She’s also a good campaigner. I first met her when she was volunteering on a campaign here at the office a few years back. She has real good takes on politics. Commentary definitely listens to Wendolynn. Keep an eye on her. She’d also be a high draft choice in a political fantasy league. Wendolynn don’t need touching up.

The toy “Transformers” is now a movie. I wonder when they will get around to “Lego – The Movie”, “Lincoln Logs Live”, or “Barbie Gets Real.” How about “Slinkys On A Plane”…..awwwww!

It’s SRO tonight at the yard as fans anticipate B-G-O’s 3000. Commentary will be there with his Niece Cristina. Heck, forget yesterday’s 3 to 6, 14 games out, or 14 games under .500 – there is going to be a lot of electricity in the air tonight – it’s going to be special. It’s why I love the game. See you at the yard!

June 28, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary