By Marc Campos

Welcome To Our Gun Show

Thanks to folks like the National Rifle Association and the current U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. of A. is the universe’s largest gun show. You can pretty much get your weapon of choice around these parts. I don’t even think if the strictest gun laws were adopted it would make a difference with all the guns that are already out there. It is kind of scary. Cities ought to be able to regulate handgun issues and if folks don’t like it, they can move to another city or burg. Yesterday’s decision by the Supremes is another reason why we need a Dem Prez to be picking potential Supremes.

CEWDEM sent over a couple of local takes on yesterday’s Chron column on H-Town Council Member Jolanda Jones:

“Jones is an embarrassment and does not do her constituents any favors by alienating everyone on the city council. I hope that the 3 diners who hugged her at Luby's haven't encouraged her to keep up this divisive conduct. “

“Jolanda tells it like it is.“

The Shawn Chacon meltdown has apparently given the Chron’s Richard Justice the opportunity to take a whack at my friend Drayton and the ‘Stros front office. Check it out. To insinuate that somehow this is Drayton’s fault is just plain ridiculous. I’m sorry pal but I don’t think they have invented the crystal ball that let’s you ask what is the likelihood of a player going off on his GM – give us a break. Commentary is also getting a little tired of Justice’s infatuation with our former GM Jerry Hunsicker – like he was some sort of magical baseball guru. As far as I’m concerned, Hunsicker was nothing special in my book.

Commentary has been following H-Town baseball since 1962 when baseball arrived to H-Town. The fact of the matter is that baseball around here got a lot more interesting and exciting when Drayton took over the ball club. Justice needs to realize that there is no such thing as the perfect franchise in Major League Baseball. The Cubs haven’t been to a World Serious in 100 years. Look how long it took the Red Sox to shake off the curse. The Marlins win then disband. The Yankees spend the most and waste the most and so on.

I give Drayton a whole lot of credit for trying. Remember when he brought in Randy Johnson and Carlos Beltran. They nearly got us to where we wanted to go. How many times in the history of baseball has a player gone off on his GM – huh? To imply that this incident is indicative of where our team is headed is a super stretch and even a little mean spirited.

Now I know why they call him the Lite Governor. David Dewhurst threw out the first pitch at The Yard last night. It is 60 feet, six inches from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. The Lite’s Guv’s toss traveled 52 feet, six inches. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Dante got him a couple of foul balls tossed to him last night thanks to Hunter Pence and Miguel Tejada.

Well, ManRam and the World Champion Red Sox are in town for three this weekend. We face their three best pitchers and they won’t face our two best – yikes! We’re back to 12 down.

June 27, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary