By Marc Campos

City Hall Stuff

It’s officially official! Today officially marks the end of the Shelley era at H-Town’s City Hall! Melissa Noriega will be sworn in today. No more Shelley! The paperless folks are safe for now.

Speaking of City Hall, in today’s Chron, there is a front page story about H-Town’s City Council meetings always starting late. Huh! How about putting Biggio’s Numero 2,997, Tiger’s little girl, Die Hard Numero 4, Sir Paul on CNN last night, or the James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy’s upcoming wedding on the front page instead – something that the folks want to know and care about.

Speaking of James Rodriguez, I first met him back in 1997 – nearly ten years ago. He came on board a couple of years later. He’s one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working around. He has always had a genuine respect for public service and politics. If they ever get around to putting one of those fantasy leagues together for politics, James would certainly be one of the top draft choices. Hey, did I mention he’s getting married this Saturday night!

Speaking of Sir Paul, Larry King had Sir Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia Harrison on last night. Now that was cool. The Beatles never ever get old. I bet you didn’t know that Olivia Harrison was born in Mexico – now you do – love, love me do!

Friday night is Super Heroes Night at the yard. How appropriate. We need a few Super Heroes in the lineup nowadays. How about John McClane from the “Die Hard” flicks?

A 9 run 6th inning, 5 to 11, 13 games behind, and 13 games under .500. Looks like Laurel and Hardy and Cheech and Chong have been in the line-up, errr, bullpen, that’s not my idea of Super Heroes.

Speaking of baseball, I was checking out one of those Latino magazines from last year. They had an article on Latino ballplayers and a glowing photo caption about Albert Pujols – a little problem – they had Brandon Backe’s photo – huh! Now that’s a collector’s item.

I’ll be watching this afternoon…..arrrrgh!

June 27, 2007 9:00AM

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