By Marc Campos

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I guess sooner or later Daily Commentary had to address sexual matters. Now we know why Rush has such a hard on for us Lefties...awwwww! Turns out the 55 year old Rush Bimbaw is a Viagra fiend. (Commentary is 53 - yikes - gimme back my Viagra!) I would just hate for folks to know I gobbled Viagra. The writers of late night talk shows and Comedy Central thank you, Rush.

The folks that run the Wimbledon tennis tournament better watch out what they ask for. It turns out they are warning the female tennis players to leave the cleavage at home. I guess they think their tournament is turning into a wet t-shirt contest. You know, some of us trust the women that play professional tennis to wear what suits them. I like the way the Williams Sisters gear up. Hey Wimbledon, get off this stuffy kick and let the women wear what they want or else folks might start watching professional bowling instead.

During his concession remarks at the State Dem Convention a couple of weeks ago, Glen Maxey declared he "was reporting for duty." I guess he knew things most of us didn't. He's now the Field Director of Da Bell campaign. The internet buzz makes it sound like he's "the Man" that has been brought in to save the day. They make it sound like Da Bell campaign wasn't going anywhere unless Glen was brought in to help run things. Well, the pressure is now on 'Ol Glen - my high school classmate. We'll see.

I've been keeping the office TV tuned into The World Cup to see what the rest of the world sees. I'll say this, now I know why some of these world class soccer players are heartthrobs across the globe. These fellas run around and around for like 90 minutes, hardly ever taking a break - who needs to break into Rush's medicine cabinet? In baseball, the players for the most part stand around, then every 15 minutes or so, come back to the dugout to sit down.

Speaking of baseball, how about 107 to 65? American League teams 107 wins, National League teams 65 wins in inter-league play to date this year. The experts are saying that the AL is the dominant league. Think of it, in the 2004 World Series, the Red Sox swept the Cardinals. We know what happened in 2005. 1996 was the last time the NL won an All Star game. All I can say is thank goodness the 'Stros are in the NL - or else we'd already be thinking about next year.

June 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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