By Marc Campos

Not What The Birdie Said, Pride, Dock's Trip

One of Laura Salinas' opponents visited District 143 over the weekend and had a campaign event. One of the opponent's supporters sent out a world wide email and trumpeted that 500 folks attended the function. That's the ballgame. We surrender. According to Ripley, they just set the record for the most folks ever to attend a District 143 candidate political happening.

Actually, a little birdie that was there said the number of folks in attendance was far, far less than was reported. We don't surrender after all. More on District 143, AO cowardly entered the fray and sent out another of his anonymous political cartoons, this one saying some unflattering things about Laura Salinas. AO uses the b___h word a couple of times. Wonder why AO singled out Laura Salinas in his District 143 debut? Sorry, we will not post the cartoon on our website.

Commentary went to the Houston Gay Pride parade Saturday night. Great event. The parade should be on your list of must things to do next year. Props go to the corporations that participated including the Chron, BP, Shell, HEB, Continental Airlines, Silver Eagle Distributors and KHOU-TV/Channel 11. Coolest item that was handed out (tossed out) by parade participants: one of those rubber message wrist bracelets - rainbow color that said "Jesus Loves Me."

To baseball fans - a must read - last week's Houston Press cover story about former Pittsburgh Pirate Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD. Congrats to the Astros for finally executing a suicide squeeze bunt yesterday. Are we now actually uttering the word "playoffs?"

June 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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