By Marc Campos

Keeping Up With The Jones

H-Town City Council Member Jolanda Jones has a column devoted to her in today’s Chron. Check it out.

It looks like to Commentary that Jolanda is taking a line from one of Paul Anka’s songs and doing it her way. Hey, I can handle that. In politics there are always consequences to actions. In Jolanda’s case, there is definitely a lot of action. She has decided that she won’t be your typical politico and I don’t have a problem with that. Of course, the political buzz says she will have a tough time getting reelected because she’s rubbing folks the wrong way. Well, first of all somebody has to step forward to take her on and so far Commentary hasn’t seen or heard of any possible challengers. Folks would rather run for one of those open council seats than taking on an incumbent, particularly one that is over six feet tall. Commentary doesn’t think it will be that easy knocking off Jolanda.

It looks like Camp Obama is sending some organizers into Texas – great! Let’s hope some of them land in Harris County.

The feds are making sure the great paying jobs of the local recycled rag industry stay in the hands of real US of A workers. There was another ICEcapade yesterday at Action Rags U.S.A. in H-Town and a bunch of allegedly paperless folks were rounded up. Why the feds want to rag on the rag industry is a mystery to Commentary. First donuts, now rags!

Speaking of rag arms, Shawn Chacon will forever be remembered in baseball as the guy that assaulted ‘Stros GM Ed Wade. I don’t even want to call this thug a baseball player. Way to go you jerk, chump, idiot, punk, sap, and so on. Nothing he did in baseball on the field matters anymore. He’s on the front page of today’s Chron. He’s in every sports section of every newspaper in America. He’s on ESPN. His career was defined last night. He’s an A__HOLE! Get the heck out of H-Town!

We’re back to 13 games back.

June 26, 2008 9:00AM

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